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I hate to break this to you guys but the Nintendo Wii Cyber Monday deals for this year isn’t going to be different from last year and just like the Nintendoo Wii Black Friday 2010 report we posted, everything seems to be quite mediocre on the company. Why? As you may or may not recall, Nintendo isn’t so active this year unlike Sony and Microsoft releasing their top guns (Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect) for this year. On a recent report coming from the gamingsphere, this result to some fluctuation on the overall sales of Nintendo products starting from Wii – which didn’t happen for seven years since the first launched its motion-based console (Wii original) on 2003.

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Anyway, just because Wii is experiencing some turmoil doesn’t mean you should as well. Just so you know, buyers can leverage this event into their advantage because you can expect Wii prices to drop even more. The usual price of a Wii Sports package is 199 USD . This coming Black Friday you can expect it to drop to 149 USD through an added coupon codes from shopping centers like Best Buy and Walmart. Needless to say, it would be the same case for Cyber Monday and you can expect more discounts if you have a 100 USD worth of coupon codes giving you the impression that you have bought a Wii Sports for only 99 USD.

As for the games, the case will be like the one being given by Target and Amazon with an added twist. The current deal for Nintendo Wii games as well with other console games like Xbox 360 and PS3 is a buy-two-take-one offer. On the peak of Black Friday (November 26-28) and Cyber Monday (November 29) you can expect stores to make the deals even sweeter like buy-one-take-one deals on selected video games. This has happened last year on Walmart and Best Buy and there’s no reason for it not to happen this year. So far there are no current ad leaks for Nintendoo Wii this Cyber Monday 2010, your best bet is to contact your nearest local stores and ask them about its definite price.

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