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It has been weighed, measured and haven’t been found wanting – That’s the feeling of excitement that I would like to share along with the tons of new features Big N has unveiled for its Nintendo 3DS today at the Tokyo Conference and oh boy, you can hear the fans go wild! Actually, Nintendo didn’t really reveal all their aces during the E3 event where the 3DS console both received mixed reactions from gamers and particularly fans who wanted more for their next DS console. So here’s the thing that you would want to know except for its specifications.

cool latest top new technology gadgets nintendo 3ds

Release Date and Price

Coming from the horse’s mouth, the official launch for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan will be on February 26, 2011 tagged at $298. It will be revealed a month after (Before the end of March) to US and Europe with an undisclosed amount (I assume 300-350 dollars)

Mii Photo-tagging Studio

cool latest top new technology gadgets nintendo 3ds mii

This one is really new and it will make any kids excited. Basically, what it does is it takes your picture and have it edited on Mii Studio, it will become a ‘Mii’ file which you can save on your SD card. Later on, you can use it to tag with another gamer you meet on the streets. If you know what a pokedex is, then this one functions exactly like one, without the pokemon of course.

Downloading Games and Tag Mode

cool latest top new technology gadgets nintendo 3ds download

You can now download straight from your 3DS like Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games. It appears that Nintendo is really pushing their new console to the limits by applying augmented reality on its core-features. With its tag-mode you can now exchange data such as rank, games, etc with another player when you meet them with your wi-fi turned on.

Other Goodies

cool latest top new technology gadgets nintendo 3ds final

It now has a built-in pedometer with activity graph later to be used on sport-related games.

New multitasking feature in which you can open an application while playing on a game then you can return on the same spot where you have left it.

A new web-browsing experience said to be stress-free by Nintendo

New apps like note-taking diary application, book app, etc.

As we have said before, you can also change the 3D view by a 3D-slider at the side of the console. The slidepad and the screen now goes on a different color as well. Plus a sexier stylus.

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