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Roughly last 2 weeks, the Google phone fever has been infecting the public on a global scale – and now seeing the leaked unboxing and a walkthrough clip c/o good samaratian french pipz, it seems we started on an ‘exaggerated’ foot here.

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Once again tweets became the first source on what does a Goog Phone feels like, looks like and acts like. Remember this tweet from Leslie Hawthorn, Product Manager – Google’s Open Source Team?

“Stuck in mass of traffic leaving work post last all hands of 2009. ZOMG we had fireworks and we all got the new Google phone. It’s beautiful”

and yes this one from Raygun01 (A cnet guy) tweeting this glorious epiphany of what’s the ‘1st time feeling’ of handling goog phone.

cool latest top new technology gadgets google phone tweetIf you can call it Z-OMG now, that is – seeing its performance on several clips, once again we are scratching our heads here and ask, “Where’s the beautified steroid phone tech-gurus are clamoring for?”. Poor users who thought they will be seeing an ‘iPhone killer’, well in fact it isn’t. Like we said, our 1st impression with this phone is your ordinary looking smarphone with some special sauce from google. And dang, we couldn’t be more correct than that!

Here’s the Nexus One a.k.a Google Phone unboxing video tweeted by @djrob. (click pictures to enlarge)

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Looks good! But saying its better than iPhone or moto-droid at this point is quite absurd.

Here’s a 5 minute walkthrough ‘sans’ the sound [FR audio]

And yep, these guys are very generous to give some good-res pics via engadget

cool latest top new technology gadgets nexus one walkthrough 2 cool latest top new technology gadgets nexus one walkthrough1

Walkthrough impressions:

@ the 2:27 mark, you can see the multitouch feature is not available – Maybe because there’s a risk of copyright infringement by Apple? (love those theories)

Double click to zoom (Just like any other HTC created smartphones)

Are we seeing  a lag/stalling when we shift from one window to another?

Navigation not as sleek as the iphone – Or is it just me and my blurry eyes?

Sleek Keyboard sliding feature (Swype for Android: the ability to make keyboard strokes just by sliding your fingers – pretty neat huh?) I thought I saw a cool way of scrolling pages fast at the 3:00 mark?

Didn’t I say the wallpaper looks like the ones you see in voltron way back when you’re just a kid?

Bottom factor: If you have seen our Nexus one Preview and Specs then you already have an idea that the biggest advantage of this phone is having it released as an unlock GSM type of smartphone (meaning it doesn’t have a contractual service) Also, rumors has it that N1’s frequency will be generous outside USA, although this one is still not confirmed.

Nexus One is way definitely not an iPhone killer (at least not for this version, rumor has it that there will be an array of sequels – e.g Nexus 1,2,3,4 etc) But perhaps droid buyers will surely be ‘pissed-off’ if they discover that the selling price of this phone will be below the sweet spot of 300 USD – Way too generous if you’ll compare it with moto-droid (if you bought it at 120 USD with a 2 year contract)

All the hype and the buzz that Nexus One will be a ‘game-changer’ phone just like what the ‘jesus phone aka iPhone’ did on 2007 is just pure speculation – I have a hunch that BIG G is just stirring the hopes of people up by not releasing N1’s full specs on the public sans the official vid so they can spike some pretty good marketing tactics to make people believe that what they’re waiting for is something really B-I-G.

Perhaps this phone will be a game-changer for the android market, having it released as unlock will surely bring some interesting instability towards other android type of phones.

We’ll love to hear your reactions about this video.

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