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There is no doubt that USB brought a remarkable evolution in the Computer Industry. It has changed the total outlook of connection process of devices or computers. Now a new version of USB is coming this year, USB 3.0. This new product will be thicker than the old USB 2.0. It contains 6 wire+s instead of two. It can transfer your data almost 10 times faster than USB latest top new technology gadgets usb 3.0

According to a recent survey, the USB implementers claim that they have shipped 2 billions USBs 2.0 in last one year. It means that every third person has his USB.

USB 2.0 works on half duplex mode. It means it can do single task in one time, either upload data or download. but USB 3.0 will work on full duplex mode. You can upload and download at a time.

USB 3.0 is also a smart power manager. It can detect the device which is not in working condition. And it will reduce the power consumption as well. This directly increases the battery life.

A little compatibility issue is attached to the USB 3.0. It is not compatible to all devices. so you have to but new hardware. We have following is a speed test results to transfer of a 25GB HD movie:

USB 1.0 – 9.3 hours

USB 2.0 – 13.9 minutes

USB 3.0 – 70 seconds

USB 3.0 was expected to hit the market in Mid 2010. So we have to wait a little more. there are some guesses that every one will not accept the USB 3.0 readily.

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