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Hoo Boy! Sometimes you just gotta love a PR speech from a company even before it released a certain product. Why? Because everything seems to be so fantastic and out of this world (even if it’s not true) – and buyers like the sound of it!

cool latest top new technology gadgets lg pad LG Pad W/ Android Honeycomb: Release Date, Specs and Price on Q1 of 2011?

As you may or may not know, LG has touted two tablets that are going to be revealed next year. The first one was the Android-based LG Optimus Pad and the second one is this black-slate LG H1000B rumored to use Windows 7 for its platform. Both are still unconfirmed and remain a unicorn device for the consumers. Today, LG manages to leak out something about an LG Pad (could be the Optimus) and somehow it sounded like it’s a real threat towards Samsung Galaxy Tablet (best ranking android-tablet today).

Coming from a PR statement, the Optimus Pad is not going to use Gingerbread but the rumored Honeycomb instead and it will be revealed on Q1 of 2011. Aside from that, its core-features is a Tegra 2 processor and an 8.9 inch form factor. The company claims that it manages to extract all the flaws of Sammy’s tablet and the iPad and turn it to their own advantage in the form of the LG Pad.

Interestingly, it was noted that while the other existing tablet PCs only focuses on e-book, movie, music and the internet; the new LG tablet PC aims for a more diverse content based on powerful functions – I would really love to see what LG means with that word diverse? Are we finally on the verge of having a computer-like tablet in our hands usable for our office and can replace our notebooks for good?

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