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Companies always try to do something new and innovative to get a higher position against the competitors. We saw different Tablets and Netbook PCs under different companies’ banner. But Dell amazingly introduce the two in one Inspiron Duo Netbook/Tablet. This new gadget enables you to use whether a tablet or a netbook. Pretty awesome latest top new technology gadgets dell netbook tablet

The Tablet/Netbook contains a 10-inches touch screen with a dual core Atom-N550 processor. It runs on Windows 7 OS. It looks like a pretty awesome product and with almost everything helpful for you. but we should compare it iPad before giving it preference. The Product will come in the market later this year.

cool latest top new technology gadgets Dell Inspiron Duo

Positive Aspects about Duo Netbook/Tablet, when we are doing a comparison of Duo Vs Ipad, are :

Nice QWERTY keyboard, which place it at higher spot.

Windows 7 makes it more powerful work horse, probably the first Tablet with Windows 7.

USB and Webcam support is also a worthy feature.

Flash support also a positive function.

More data storage capacity than usual Tablets.

The Negative Points which can hurt the place a little.

Due to double functionality, it can be an overweight gadget. Which can be heavy to pick up against an iPad.

Possibly the battery timing due to dual functions, can also fail this Dell product against an iPad.

Although still the price is unknown, but you can easily expect a higher price than iPad

The Swivel mechanism, I wonder how durable the whole thing really is.

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