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If you’re looking for a budget friendly Portable Media Player then worry no more, iToos will definitely answer your PMP needs without hurting you pocket. I know you have heard about Cowon (it’s quite popular actually), and that’s a good brand indeed but if you’re the type who wants more but can’t spend too much though then iToos is the best option for you.

cool latest top new technology gadgets iToos M6HD

iToos M6HD is equipped with a 1080i output!  For those who are not so techie but wants a PMP here is a brief explanation. 1080i is a term used to classify a high definition video mode, 1080 is the number of scan lines (horizontal) a.k.a vertical resolution and the i stands for interlaced, which means that it’s a High definition television that can burst 2.07 million pixels (but some say it’s 16 million, if that’s the case the better)! That implies more color more fun, so you get the most out of you PMP.

cool latest top new technology gadgets iToos M6HD
cool latest top new technology gadgets iToos M6HD

This is a lighter on the budget counter part of Cowon plus you get 1080i for less, not bad right? I know that you haven’t heard iToos yet, the heck with it! If you can get more performance and quality from something cheaper (never mind the brand this time) that’s absolutely fantastic. So what else can M6HD do other than leaving your pocket with a few bucks to treat yourself and amaze your eyes with high definition videos?

It will only cost you $60-$90
4.3 inch TFT display
Internal memory of 4 gigabyte
Memory card slot for more storage
Fm radio
HDMI for a monitor

Let’s compare prices shall we? A Cowon would cost you approximately $124.99 up to $259.99 that’s for brand new and if you still want a Cowon but can not afford the price you can opt to have a used or refurbish unit that would only cost you between $87.99 -$92.99, that means a brand new iToos cost like a used Cowon. So which will you prefer? Warranty wise and money involved you should really settle for iTools.

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