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At this point, you should already know that the official iOS 4.2 is now available for all the iDevices of Apple except of course to those first generation grandpas and grandmas of iPhone / iPod Touch. Previously, we managed to tell you all the changes that’s stuffed in this update and somehow, this update managed to make the iPad shine even more. I mean, AirPrint has been one of the most coveted features for the iPad since a Tablet should have a capability to print. During the past, there has been a ton of critics who are somewhat ‘disappointed’ with the iPad just because it doesn’t cater this feature – I guess their perception will become different now, at least.

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Apart from the AirPrint feature comes the AirPlay and Multitasking which performs just like what Steve Jobs has previewed during the last music event – which means it’s that good! Just make sure you have an Apple TV to maximize the capability of AirPlay to sync it in your iDevices.

Last time, we have reported some uncanny issues that’s bothering the users like the problem of WiFi on the iPad plus the removal of AirPrint feature. Today, obviously, all of those worries are now put into rest as Apple manages to solve all the bugs first before releasing this iOS 4.2 update. So far, we’ve manage to install iOS 4.2 on the iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 2G without any problems. Although, you should try to reconsider using an iOS 4 type of platform on your iDevices without the A4 chip because you will certainly feel some lag / stalling issues. So far, the only problem you may receive is if you tried to update using an outdated iTunes because the progress bar wouldn’t proceed. So make sure you download the latest 10.1 version, okay?

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