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Seriously, this is the reason why some people like to buy Apple products – because Apple just solves all the thinking right through them. While some may perceive this as being closed, to some normal users, this is exactly what they want – no matter how you jumble out the words to make it sound obtrusive.

cool latest top new technology gadgets ilife 11 iLife 11 Review: Release Date, Price and Download

So on a nutshell, the iLife 11 is exactly what every users have been waiting for Apple to give. It features three main parts. The iPhoto 11, iMovie 11 and GarageBand 11 (Yep, it has no ‘i’ in it) Basically, if you will combine these three and you haven’t heard about Adobe’s creative suit, chances are you wouldn’t even be needing one (except for photoshop) because it solves every video, photo and multi-media editing right there for you inside your Mac OS X. So here’s the break down.

iPhoto 11

Two words: Full Screen. That’s the key experience for the whole new Mac OS and the new iPhoto 11 is bringing it up on another notch by putting your photos on a slideshow so you can share it with your friends or family via email or have it posted on your Facebook wall with just one click. If you are feeling kind of bored then you can have it arrange and play it on a slideshow in full screen mode just like your iPad.

iMovie 11

Just think of it as Apple’s own enhanced version of Windows Movie Maker. With the iMovie 11, you can transform your normal looking video-clips into a professional looking hollywood trailers so you can share with your family and friends. It caters different styles and environment which you can choose instantly as your background for your videos to come to life. It also contains all the basic necessities you need on audio and visual editing. And there’s the People Finder option enabling users to quickly find the clips with faces by scanning it then marking it so you won’t be lost on your home-made film.

GarageBand 11

Problem with audio recording that needs a quick fix? That’s where the GarageBand will come to rescue you. Mainly, it has two new features: Flextime which enables users to move, stretch or shorten a certain audio clip you want just by clicking the part of its waveform and distort it into any pattern you like. Next will be Groove Matching, think of this as Apple’s own version of auto-tuning but in a more subtle way. Basically, you will just need to pick a track on the ‘groove track’ and the system will match the rhythmic feel of the sound to blend well with your audio mix. This features lots of pre-sampled audio track so you won’t find it hard matching your sound to the groove.

Price and Availability

Currently, It’s now available and you can order the iLife 11 online for a price of 49 USD. The iLife family pack which includes five licenses is available for 79 USD (because you can only install one iLife on a Mac remember?) And if this is not enough, you can get the whole iLife, iWork and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) for 129 USD.

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