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Probably you have seen a convertible laptop or Netbook into a tablet before, but how about a notebook transforming into a fully-functional desktop computer? I know it may sound absurd but if you will look this Gigabyte T1125 3-in-1 notebook, you will be amazed with the versatility of this gadget.

cool latest top new technology gadgets gigabyte t1125 Gigabyte T1125 Booktop: Specs, Price and Release Date Revealed | First Review

Coming from the company who has revealed the M1125 Netvertible, it recently unveils an alluring Booktop which sports a 11.6 inch touchscreen panel. At this point, you might be thinking how the heck can a 11.6 size notebook transform into a desktop? Okay,  I understand your curiosity. Watch and learn boys!

Apparently, the Bookop T1125 easily transforms into a tablet pc. The magic begins when it’s combined with a docking station (booktop) for it to become a desktop. In addition to that, this interchangeable notebook is powered by a Core i3 or i5 ULV (ultra-low voltage) for an extra added kick for its battery. And to make this even go for a longer drive, it’s using Nvidia Geforce 310M an Optimus type of video card w/ graphic-switching technology to use its battery minimally on each workload of the user. Other goodies include, USB 3.0, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, an HDMI, THX-certified sound booster plus four dual channel stereo speakers for a surround based audio experience in your notebook.

Sources confirmed that it will be available later on this month for a price of 1,299 USD. Which will make you want to ask, what’s real purpose of having a notebook-turning-into-a-desktop-tablet?

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