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In this modern era, we could do just about anything by tapping our fingers and lightly running our fingertips along the screen of our phones, laptops or netbooks. This has become the newest trend in the gadgets we see today. It is a must to have touch screens displays, because if the gadgets don’t it’s not considered as something up to date with the others that have this feature.

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Do you want to own a camcorder with a touch screen? If the answer is yes, then you should check out the latest from Flip. The Flip Slide HD. This gadget is the newest to the long line of camcorders this company has created. It actually is in many ways like the Flip Mino, except for some of its upgraded features.

The Slide HD is of similar video performing capacity as of the Mino HD, recording 720p high definition videos at an estimated rate of 4GB per hour. This camcorder also has about 16GB worth of memory, so it means that there will be approximately 4hours of continuous video recording.

The Flip Slide HD has a three inch touch screen which is a bit resistant and is angled at a forty-five degree angle, the purpose of which is for easier viewing during playback as much as it is for recording. This screen is actually made for both recording and will serves as a convenient theater. Stereos are built-in for audio playback and the company has added an HDMI port so it is possible to connect the gadget to a full-screen television if planning to watch with a large group of friends.

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As with the other Flip camcorders released, the Slide HD also has a fixed focus lens and a flip-out USB connector for attaching it to the pc.

This gadget is good for those people who always catch themselves in situations where they would want to capture the moment. Sometimes, pictures are not enough so buying a camcorder is a must. There are actually a lot of camcorders available in the market nowadays. Companies like Sony, Canon and Nikon have the same type gadgets.

It’s a very unfortunate thing that the Slide HD doesn’t seem to be a dream come true. In fact, it’s not worth to pay $280 for something that doesn’t seem to be quite user-friendly. It even sounds a bit inferior to the Mino HD. The only thing that makes it high-tech is the touch screen. What I’m merely saying is that you could get more for that amount of money if you browse other camcorder models from other companies.

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