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At this point, it’s not really surprising anymore to see any Apple devices (regardless of the model) getting butchered by people just to gain that much needed 15 minute of fame on the net, but still entertaining the people at the same time even you are at the Blue or Green team’s side. Setting aside all the conflicts about being a fanboy, you may see this blowing up of a macbook air as very hilarious, not because they blow up the old iDevice but of how the two protagonists seems to be chickened out and murmuring after doing the deed.

cool latest top new technology gadgets exploding macbook air Exploding Macbook Air Video: How To Destroy a Macbook Air?

Check out the video

Just look at the 1:52 mark, you might say, what the heck? Unlike some of the best ‘Apple killings’ we have seen before (iPhone 4 thrown into space, iPad killed by a baseball, iPhone 4 shot by a .50 cal sniper rifle) We rate this one as 3 out of 5 apple stars only. Just because it didn’t turn out nicely as we hoped it to be, and also because the whole explosion footage just got a bit blurry in the end. Perhaps, next time we’ll be seeing some real explosion footage like throwing a 1980’s hand-grenade over the new macbook air? Now that would be a real ‘fire in the hole’ experience, wouldn’t it?

Oh by the way, the reason why these dudes decided to explode their Macbook Air using a Chinese dynamite sticks is because of the newer air version released last week, rendering this old notebook useless in their opinion. is a gadgets review with pics, graphics, photographs, images, video recordings, something else blog with visitors’ comments. The materials are uploaded by users or webmaster. All of the content on this blog (including pictures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, and so on.) is covered under Canadian, US and international copyright and trademark laws. The data offered by is for general data purposes only, and are property of their respective owners. These pictures, graphics, photos, images, videos, and so on. have been collected from different public sources including various sites (blogs, etc.), considering to be in public domain. The copyright of all the pictures, graphics, photos, images, video recordings, etcetera. published on this blog are the property of their respective owners. We have no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the site or the information, productions, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. If you find any content, figures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, and so on that you think shouldn’t be here, send me a removal message.

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