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Well this may feel a bit disappointing at first glance, as you can see the Crysis 2 developers (Crytek) are already planning to give that “New York, New York” experience only to the closed members of the Xbox 360 gamer’s community (Mycrysis) leaving all the other players for PS3 and PC wondering about what’s the fuzz with the concealment of Crysis 2 beta for them?

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“As part of our continuing Crysis 2 development we will be performing a multiplayer test starting very soon,”

“For this test we will be inviting various community members to take part and help us push the game to its limits so we can make any adjustments necessary and ensure that we deliver the gameplay experience we know everyone wants to see!”

Come to think of it, this move should not worry the players for the other console because the release date is still the same for everyone (March 22 on USA and March 25 for UK). Crytek might be doing this move to keep everything at a certain pace wherein they can control the situation should there be a lot of violent reactions untowards the Crysis 2 Beta. As a gamer, I wouldn’t mind not having the opportunity to play the beta as long as the official release candidate will be the same for every players. Who knows? Perhaps on the second beta release of Crysis 2, its developers will finally allow other gamers from a different console to participate. Sometimes, gamers just need to have some little patience.

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