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Here’s a good tip by GameCrave of how to rank up quickly and gain more XP points fast. As some of you may probably know, with every thing that you do on Call of Duty Black Ops comes a relatively equated experience points in which it will determine your rank towards the game. Ultimately, the higher your rank means more unlocked goodies and weapons you achieve and some some bragging rights you can tell to your buddies online.

cool latest top new technology gadgets black ops xp hack COD Black Ops: XP Points / COD Points Guide | How To Level Up Fast?

So far, there’s a cheat on how to do this, just by shooting a truck on Black Ops. But for those who wants to stay clean and earn your experience points the righteous way, probably this guide by GC will help you.

Just to give you a wrap-up, its all about remembering the basics, going for the kill and advantageous move on wager-matches, don’t do much challenges unless it’s important and the dealbreaker is: You should always consider the current COD points you have vs the attachment that you want to add. You can consult other gamer or google if you wanted to know if this attachment is the right one for you. And if this guide isn’t enough, here’s another tip from GC about leveling up fast. Enjoy!

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