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Here’s another surprise for everyone or rather, I should say a spoiler if you are that type of player who wants to know all the goodies only on November 9 when you finally play the game for real. Anyway for those who are interested of what will be the new badges / emblems for the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops sequel, it appears some guy had managed to upload a quick screenshot of the badges on youtube. While we’re still finding more leads about the badge or a confirmation coming from Treyarch, so far, this is the closest thing you will ever get.

Here’s the screenshot

cool latest top new technology gadgets call of duty black ops prestige emblems COD Black Ops: Prestige Badge / Emblems Complete List

First of all, they aren’t pokemon badges okay? Although the # 4 and the #13 looks close! If you are a veteran gamer of Call of Duty from its previous installments, you should already be familiar with these prestige emblems you gain once you achieve a certain point giving you unlocked skills and items for the whole game. On MW2, the badges looked like real soldier badges with stars, crosses, etc. But as the game progresses, high-level players had managed to unlock some nasty looking emblems as well making this video somewhat legit in someway.

It’s obvious that some lucky gamers are now playing the game and they are already uploading some interesting video spoilers of what you should expect for the game. Likewise, if you don’t like to be spoiled then just wait for its official launch on November 9.

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