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Okay some trolls might perceive this one as funny. But hey! This is not like the Japanese toilet prank we have previewed awhile ago, which I know many of you are still secretly laughing their hearts out!

So our story now will be based on China, particularly in the southeastern part of Jiangsu province, where apparently this guy got the major part of his arm stuck on the toilet trying to reach his cellphone which was accidentally ‘shoot’ into the drain, making the loo clogged.

cool latest top new technology gadgets man trap toilet Chinese Man Trap His Arm On Toilet Because of Cellphone! (Video)

When the rescuers arrive, this poor guy is still there immobilized not knowing what to do. So in an attempt to free the Chinese man, the whole toilet was hammered with accuracy not to severe the whole arm of the victim. It’s good that everything turned out to be a happy ending. The reporters didn’t disclose the type of cellphone that was clogged into the drain or the name of the victim.

Check out the video

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