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I know this may sound kinda weird, but I haven’t had the chance of experiencing playing Call of Duty Black Ops on Nintendo Wii – Because the idea (not the player) is kinda dumb. I mean, everyone knows an FPS shooting game is best played with a real controller, or perhaps with this one on the near future. But not with a Wii-motion remote, if you know what I mean!

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Anyway, that’s just my speculation and opinion. Moving forward, here’s a news to bring some enlightenment towards our Wii Black Ops readers. It appears Treyarch developers didn’t forget to show some love on you and eventhough they are on a streak of fixing majority of the problems on Playstation 3 / Xbox 360 consoles, it appears Treyarch’s JD_2020 updated the COD Forum with this Wii patch announcement.

“Thank you for helping us to identify the various connectivity issues you have been experiencing. We have fixed many of the problems you have reported and are currently testing those fixes in anticipation of releasing an update. Stay tuned for the delivery of this update within the next week or so.”

There you have it, coming from the horse’s mouth! I only hope you do know what does that ‘various connectivity issues’ mean and I look forward on seeing this update be revealed as an important one. Anyway, whatever this update could might be, it will be rolling out next week / soon. So hang on there!

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