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Probably at this point, you are all aware with the cheats, glitches and bugs surrounding the newly revealed Black Ops sequel last week. And as far as I am concerned, I can’t call this game as a sequel for the Call of Duty franchise if it won’t have any hacking issues and unfair bug treatment because it’s very normal to see it on a game being flocked by millions of players around the world.

cool latest top new technology gadgets black ops xp hack Call of Duty Black Ops: How To Unlock Pro Perks (Guide and Walkthrough)

Previously, we have reported some of the best tips you can find on jumpstarting your way on Call of Duty Black Ops, today we’re covering a complete guide for newbies or veterans to unlock all PRO perks in COD Black Ops. As some of you who are familiar with the term, ‘perk’ is some form of a ‘skill’ you acquire on the game that upgrades your combat style making you do some pretty interesting stuff, like running faster, etc – the legal way. Interestingly, in Black Ops, I didn’t know that there are more than twenty type of PRO perks you can achieve. Some of them are: Melee kills, Scavenger, Ghost, Flack Jacket, Hardline and a bunch more on the Tier Two and Tier Three type of perk categories. Get the list here.

Let me repeat that again, perks are very different from hack mods which is illegal. So far, we’re just waiting for the confirmation until when will Treyarch be releasing its first Black Ops patch and see if it will manage to give a remedy for these rogue mods that’s annoying the heck out from some oplayers.

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