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Ah, yes! You know that the holidays are going on rampant via online when you see companies offering amazing set of discounts like they don’t use to when it’s a normal day. Take for example today, as Steam has managed to reveal its first ever BF sale on its website featuring a whopping 50-75% deals on different type of PC games and just in case you’re wondering where have all the WoW games have gone? Don’t fret just yet! For Blizzard will be celebrating its own set of Black Friday deals for this thanksgiving week and it will last up to Cyber Monday. Check out the Ad now!

cool latest top new technology gadgets black friday 2010 blizzard Blizzard Black Friday 2010 Sale: World of Warcraft Discounts    No Cataclysm?

As you can see from the set of ads, it appears every previous installment of WoW has been slashed  to more than 80% of its original price. Take for example WoW Burning Crusade now tagged at 5 bucks only from its original price of 30 USD and WoW Wrath of Lich King now tagged at 10 bucks only from its original 40 bucks. And I am telling you guys, these deals are insanely cheap and obviously, if you’re just starting to play World of Warcraft now and you want to know its humble beginnings, these deals are the best for you.

Anyway, as for the Cataclysm – you can pre-order it on its usual price today tagged at 40 bucks – Fair enough!

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