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One of the most anticipated events by most consumers in the US is the so-called Black Friday Sales event. This is actually the biggest shopping day in the country that both retailers and consumers are getting so excited about. Most consumers are taking advantage of the great discounts and offers that a lot of retailers are giving away in various products such as appliances, gadgets, household items, toys and many more.

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Among these products, the television is always among the hottest items during these Black Friday deals events. And this year it is expected to be more popular as the prices for these TVs are expected to become more affordable as prices are estimated to fall by around 12% as compared with last year. This may be the biggest price drop ever when it comes to television sets especially at this time where a lot of LCD TV sets are out in the market.

Just to give you an idea of how low the price of these TV sets will be. You can actually get a 32-inch LCD TV for as low as $ 199 only. That gives you around 50% discount from its original price if you will buy the same unit at Best Buy. Apparently, the enormous decrease in price becomes possible because of the high amount of LCDs that were manufactured last year, which is obviously in excess of its demand. But on the other hand this will surely bring great impact to the Black Friday Sale and other holiday sales as well.

All LCD TVs and HDTVs will be offered at great discounts during Black Friday 2010 sale. However, there is no information yet whether the 3D TVs will be included since it is still very new in the market and the need to cut down its price will not be necessary at the moment.

Aside from these TVs, smartphones are also expected to be in demand during this sales event. Apparently, Best Buy mobile has already started to offer four free mobile phones in all Best Buy Mobile store and online store as well. These four phones include HTC Incredible Android Phone from Verizon, The Samsung Flight 2 from AT&T, the Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile and the BlackBerry Curve 3G from Sprint. Best Buy started with the Free Phone Friday last October 29 and each week this new promotion will feature at least one high-end or in-demand smartphone.

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