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Here is some good news for those gaming enthusiasts out there. A new first-person shooter game that will be available for the PSN, Xbox Live and PC is set to conquer the world of gaming. This game will be known as the Battlefield Bad Company 2. This video game is apparently a part of the Battlefield series that was released in March 2010 all over the world.

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The Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam on the other hand, is an upcoming expansion pack for the game that took placed during the Vietnam Wars. This game was developed by Swedish firm EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and was published by Electronic Arts. Basically this game is a squad-level online first person shooter game that was based in a modern warfare setting. This game also included a single player campaign where the player will get a chance to reassume the role of Preston Marlowe who is the protagonist of the original game.

This game also features new vehicles and helicopters, which includes new additions such as the F-4 Phantoms, Bell UH-1 Huey helicopters and a lot more. The expansion pack will contain around 4 new maps, 6 new vehicles and around 15 new weapons as well.

Check out the brief interview with Daniel Matros, Community Manager from DICE.

Bad Company 2 is basically one of the two games in the Battlefield series that will show blood without any third party modification. This game also features a party chat for each game mode and protected by Punkbuster, which is an anti-cheat program that aims to protect the game from cheaters in cases where there is an online multiplayer matches.

In this game the players must be able to capture and defend flags for as long as they can. If a certain base is taken, the cycle can repeat until the game ends. This game also features some new items that are unlocked by earning experience points as you go along the game. This experience points are usually earned by eliminating enemy players, healing teammates or by capturing points of interest.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is scheduled for release on winter of this year (probably by December). However, no words yet from DICE when will be the exact date. The expansion will be a DLC that will be available at EA store. For sure, more updates will come, so stay tuned!

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