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Here’s a welcoming update for players of Bad Company 2. As you may or may not know, the FPS post-war game is suffering a lot of antagonizing from players who are touting that the new Medal of Honor and COD Black Ops will deliver this once fabled video game down to the grave if EA won’t do something unique to it.

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So far the previous updates for this are the addition of two game modes plus the revelation of Bad Company 2 Vietnam. In addition to that, it appears zh1nto from EA Forums manage to reveal the new PC Patch for this game as well.

While it appears the forumer seems to be a bit on a hurry when writing this post, the changes on the new patch reveals the removal of requirements on obtaining Insginia’s bronze star for tracer dart. And that ridiculous registration from Medal of Honor to Bad Company 2 is now fixed as well. Aside from that, a new latency for the server has been changed affecting the accuracy of the guns on a higher notch except for the knife. Lastly, the two-second immunity is now automatically removed when your fire a weapon, zoom of the screen or just about any movement you do. Basically, if you want to preserve your invulnerability you just stay there as a rock for 2 seconds, got that?

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