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I like playing Angry Birds – heck, who doesn’t? With more than two million users who download it under 48 hours on its official debut on Android, it’s not really a question if Angry Birds is addicting or not. But rather, how addicting it would be? And this news should be exciting for those ‘lazy gamers’ who doesn’t appreciate the effort on finishing each level at a time. Because even before you knew it, there’s already a hack on how you can unlock all the levels in this highly-addicting game.

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Check out the video for tutorial (did I say this works only for Android?)

I must say this will take a lot of tapping and some centering of the locked-levels into your screen. But for those people who have no time to finish each stage piece by piece then this is the way on how you can do it. Take note this bug won’t put you on any level you like (E.g: 3rd world 10th level) rather it will make you put on any world you like but you will always start with the first level of that particular world. Which is still what you can call cheating, by the way.

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