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Japan has been well-known for coming out with a number of super-realistic androids in the past. This may have been attributable to its advanced technology and state of the art equipment in which they are best at and has evidently taken them to where they are at present. And just recently, AIST opened their lab and showed off another realistic android in Tokyo, Japan named Actroid-F. Apparently, the Actroid-F is a full sized female humanoid that is dressed like a nurse and comes with some complex facial reactions and a realistic appearance as well.

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Actroid-F was developed by Kokoro Co. Ltd and ATR. And according to its developers this android is intended to give patients a heightened sense of security. The Actroid-F is a realistic and pretty android that has the ability to replicate its operator’s facial expression as well as its body movements. So if you can’t actually speak with your family over a webcam, this type of creepy robot could replace you. The Actroid-F can speak in your place using webcams and imitate your facial expression and body movements as well.

The Actroid-F has been also recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “first true android” ever made. Apparently, this android is being positioned as an observer in a hospital with the purpose of gauging some patient’s reactions. According to its developer, it took them quite some time before they have been able to make this android act more naturally and independently. The Actroid-F can blink and shift its eyes and neck and even breathe, but its legs cannot actually work so it cannot move from its chair.

The Actroid-F is actually a modified version of the Geminoid F female robot. Great efforts were done to make this robot simpler, cheaper and easier to operate. The Actroid-F is also 30 kilograms lighter as compared with other full-scale robots in the Actroid/Geminoid series. This android also makes use of three cameras. One is aimed through the speaker to pick up its facial expression and movements, another camera focused on the Actroid’s face for the user to monitor how the robot is interpreting his emotions and another one that shows a panoramic view of the android as she interacts with the rest of the people in the room.

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