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Technology is surrounding the whole world very rapidly and everyone is trying to get the new technology gadgets as soon as they come in the market. But here are some tech gadgets which you can’t get in America due to certain reasons. Lets see those latest top new technology gadgets gadgets not in america

1. Blu-ray Recorders

As the technology is progressively getting success, day by day also in case of  consumer electronics such as these stop using the out standard def-DVD recorders as HDTV was taken away. As analog signals are no more used and its devices are not being utilized now.

In United states the Blu-ray technology has not been introduced yet. As Japanese are enjoying the Blu-ray recorders as they record the TV programs and easily watch at any time but Americans only watch in envy technology. American’s can not import these devices because Blu-ray recorders are not attuned with the American TVs.

2. China Blue High Definition Players

As two years ago the HD DVD partnership that was in essence of Toshiba . Blu-ray format got popularity and it was on the top as HD sales got decreased. Well, but HD DVD did not lost its recognition as China Blue high definition is accessible and in competition. But in America it has not got that much popularity.

In China its, getting much famous as in the ratio of 3 to 1. This technology can be easily bought by citizens because its less costly and has copy protection features as well.

3. Sony Hi-MD Walkman

Now The format of the mini-disc is not used even before the use of MP3 when it was newly introduced in the world. As its nowadays getting popular in USA.

If you want to get the latest player then you must buy Sony Hi-MD Walkman MZ-RH1 which is in silver color. As its black one version debuted the stateside, as the silver one was is only for the markets of Japan.

4. Chinese Knock-off Mobile Phones

As if you are searching for a smart HiPhone or a Sony Ericsson sets? Though the names seemed to be bit changed but its sales is high in China. but you might not find theses knock-offs from any official stores Perhaps it did not make any hurdle to stop making this sort of brands in China.

Some of them have remarkable versions such as the iPhone ,crazy. The working of these head sets are not up to the mark, as most of them doe not run on the American networks.

5. Motorola auBox

In this new technological Era the Set-top boxes are being much used a dozen in USA, from many years there are some devices which are offers to divide the content among the home entertainment systems respectively. The question comes out that why Motorola took decision not to launch the Linux-based auBox.

Its not good, as that one is considered for the small user foundation that may not contribute to content with the computer, and it still offers the effective features, for example it gives facility to upload the video from your personal recorders and it then can even transfer it to your mobile handsets. As the set-top box could even provide as a home portal for Web browsing, which includes the streaming of the individual who is using the content to generate.

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