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The Apple products are getting high appreciation through out the world and in all Age group. Specially iPhone and iPod are getting much attraction. Most of the children now-a-days love to use iPhones and iPod touches. Here we have mentioned 5 fun products that would be more used by the 5 years old children up to the younger latest top new technology gadgets apple gadgets

1. Woogie

Cost: $19.99 cool latest top new technology gadgets Woogie

The device named Woogie is an enjoyable technique for the kids to play with valuable Apple handheld. It has built in speakers, a screen protector and sophisticated limbs to give a cushion unavoidable shuffle.

2. Buzz Lightyear iDancecool latest top new technology gadgets Buzz iDance

Cost: $39.99

Your kids will like to play with this Toy Story character which is of 8 inch Buzz Lightyear. It contains prepared phrases and in that you can have MP3 player in it to listen music.

3. MyPhonescool latest top new technology gadgets MyPhones

Cost: $39.99

With the help of new designed hearing headphone named as Myphones can guard your child’s fragile hearing. It has an automatic volume minimizer which keeps the sound reasonable up to 85 decibels.

4. iHome Portable Speaker Casecool latest top new technology gadgets iHome Portable Speaker

Cost: $79.99

The youngsters can easily buy iHome Portable speaker case as it provides robust protection, with shoulder straps and it has a splash-proof design. If you want to share a screen with someone you will find hear with a good sound quality, it has powerful battery.

5. iHome Desk Organizer Lamp and Speakercool latest top new technology gadgets iHome Desk Organizer

Cost: $29

If you want to give a present to your child who is 7+ years old, then IHome Desk Organizer is the best one. Your child can place pencils, pens,and other disordered material smartly. it gives various desktop enlightenment and has a built-in speaker works with iPods and iPhones. It is a nice bedroom décor as well.

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