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So you want to buy an E-book reader. Its much easier and affordable now because more and more titles are available depending on your required features. Major players of the e-reader market are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Apple. They offer excellent options in sub-$200 or even in sub-$150. Let me provide you a quick guide for your easy decision, if you are not an experienced latest top new technology gadgets what to buy kindle ipad nook

1. How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

If you want e-reader depending upon price scale, then there are many readers available which are less-known like Aluratek Libre or Kobo e-Reader that costs just $99 to $129. But if you want some strong featured versions then Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook is the best choice. They’re priced at $139 and $149, respectively. And if you want the 3G model of these two readers then it will cost an additional $50 in the price.

You can also check the Amazon’s large screen Kindle DX, having cost of $379 or Apple’s iPad ranges from $499 (16GB, Wi-Fi only) to $829 (64GB, Wi-Fi plus 3G).

2. How Large Of A Screen (and Weight) Do You Want?

Size and Weight can be the issue when you want your e-reader anywhere. Up to our knowledge, The lightest and smallest e-book reader is Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350, which has a 5 inches screen and weighs just 5.5 ounces. The latest Kindle is also much lighter then its previous models. The Nook weighs around 11.2 ounces.

If you are a large screen lover (like 9+ inches), then you should select Kindle DX or Apple’s iPad. But the weight can be the issue here. People find it difficult to hold a 1.2 pounds or 1.5 pounds e-reader.

3. What’s Your Screen Preference, E-ink or Backlit LCD?

Nook, Kindle, and Sony Readers use E-ink screen. This kind of screen has some drawbacks like they are black and white, not actively refresh the pages, you can’t read it in dark except few models.

iPad uses LCD screen which is bright, colored and nice to watch. its a full touch screen but its also having some loopholes. People find difficulty to read in bright sunlight. Backlight tires the eyes of readers.

4. Do you need always-on wireless data?

The Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader have only Wi-Fi features. The most expensive Apple’s iPads have the 3G feature having access to AT&T’s cellular service. Its totally a question of personal preference. I think the Wi-Fi feature is enough for a e-reader because its free, on the other side you have to pay a monthly fee for 3G service to AT&T. Unless you have a long trip plan to a remote area, where you find no internet access then pick the 3G service.

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