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Geeks purchase the new gadgets as early as they can even at very expensive costs. Because of this people like us , who wait a while, can have a chance to purchase them at lower costs. In this Holiday season, there will be some surprised gifts for you from the world of technology. Some of the gifts will not be available even being very good. they got turn into unwanted gadgets because people will get familiar with then in next few latest top new technology gadgets Computer in trash can.

1. GPS Units

Since past 3 or 4 years, the GPS is on the way to success. its unit has been displayed on front page of many Black Friday catalogs for the top latest top new technology gadgets gps If you find the navigation services become much ordinary in your cars and on your smart phones then do not get astonished if you find the stand-alone GPS unit end up and  lost  just simply move on the other way.

2. The eReadercool latest top new technology gadgets ereader

The eReader was the primarily adapter stand-alone gadget which will be altered in next few years as because of the development in tablet computing. The innovation will appear in form of Pixel Qi screens which clip between full color and outdoor readable eIink displays that will give you better color screens, good apps and long life battery displays as well.

3. Blu-raycool latest top new technology gadgets Blu-ray disc

This year you will see enormous Blu-ray deals, its cost will be less just at $49, it will give an idea to purchase a new VCR. So now Internet-connected HDTVs are getting popularized and utilized every where in the world, through which people can watch videos, play games etc.

4. Google TV, Apple TV, Roku and Boxeecool latest top new technology gadgets Google Apple TV

The Stand-alone devices enables to connect to the HDTV with the Internet has got famous this year. Some of its great services are built into HDTVs, quantity of models before now support Google TV if you are searching for a new TV you will give attention to the operating system. Apple TV will not be installed in an HDTV that rapidly, the reason is as Apple’s first choice is to build their personal hardware for an end-to-end user experience.

5. Netbookscool latest top new technology gadgets netbooks

As it has been observed that the Netbook has not been stopped by the iPad,it will face hard time  in the next three years. The ultra-portable computers with better specs and same sizes will be moving to give additional horsepower without repetition the price.

6. Video Games on a Disc

The flashing “Game Over” is going to introduce the ground of video game discs. Now producers of games are insisting on digital downloads for now.

7. HD Pocket Camcorderscool latest top new technology gadgets HD Pocket Camcorders

Just forget about the Flip, Kodak Zi8, Sony Bloggie and “Pocket HD Video Camera” as these took nice video but its picture quality was poor. The new and improved cameras that will give good result in both aspects with the lowest prices are available now.

8. LCD HDTVs with CCFLcool latest top new technology gadgets LCD HDTVs CCFL

Now-a-days the Tube televisions has been quickly disappeared because now LCDs, that has CCFL which is back light source, are utilized by people. The LED is the new standard, that shows best picture quality over CCFL, DLP or Plasma,

9. Desktop Computerscool latest top new technology gadgets Desktop Computers

The desktop Computers are nowadays mostly used by the world as it has been sold on discount prices in 2010. As the Home based users will either divide up to tablets or to laptops, and customer with desktop computer will be hard to find out.

10. USB Thumbdrivescool latest top new technology gadgets USB Thumbdrives

If someone who has used a computer then for the convenient way to transfer files and data the portable drives ‘ll be used surely. These USBs have replaced CDs and disks. As in the upcoming years the plugging will help thumbdrive which will transfer a file, as an alternate it will be used a cloud storage service like Dropbox, which a floppy disc do today.

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