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Microsoft released the first wave of Windows Phone 7 handsets in the UK on 21 October with little fanfare from the company’s mobile network partners.The company’s CEO Steve Ballmer said that there will initially be six handsets arriving in the UK, while nine handsets will be available in the US.

The new devices include three HTC handsets – the HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy and HTC HD7 – as well as the Samsung Omnia 7, LG’s Optimus 7 and the DellVenue Pro, which won’t be available until December. Most of the phones share similar specifications because of the limitations that Microsoft has placed on device manufacturers.There won’t be any customization of the user interface, in order to give customers a more consistent Windows Phone 7 experience. All the phones have a 1GHz processor and at least a 3.7in screen with a 480×800 resolution.
“I’ve been looking forward to this day for some time,” said Ballmer. “We think very much that after today, that with Windows Phone, we really have built with our partners, a different kind of phone.”

Ballmer explained that the difference between Windows 7 and other mobile systems is the focus on getting users away from their phones. Ballmer said the new Live Tile design is key to this. Icons are larger than on iOS or Android devices and pull data out of the application, allowing the user to see relevant information.

Though, Microsoft admits there’s a long road ahead. “We do realize this isn’t going to be an easy journey,” said Ashley Highfield, managing director of consumer products at Microsoft UK. “We hope to change the perception of those who haven’t been too happy with our previous efforts.” One such person was Stephen Fry, who is known for his love of all things Apple, who came on stage during the London event to give Windows Phone 7 his seal of approval, as he pulled a Windows Phone 7 handset out of his jacket pocket, “my first feeling was, it’s fun to play with. I have felt enormous pleasure using this phone.


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