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Top 10 fastest graphics cards in the world today

Three years ago today, AMD was just about wrapping up the purchase of Canadian graphics company ATI in a deal worth around £2.9bn.

At the time, ATI graphics cards were lagging badly behind the Nvidia GeForces of the time, and things didn’t look like changing much – what a difference three years makes.

In 2008, AMD took the computing world by storm by unleashing a new generation of super-fast, affordable ATI Radeon 4000-series graphics cards. Nvidia was caught napping, and frankly, AMD made its slightly faster yet wildly more expensive GeForce cards look utterly stupid and pointless.

Today, AMD’s Radeon cards are market leading. And even though the prices aren’t quite as attractive as last time around, the ATI Radeon HD 5970 currently holds the title of fastest graphics card in the world.

What’s more, ATI has already released a whole range of DirectX 11 compatible cards, while Nvidia is still to release even one.

The result of all this is that the current top 10 is a lot more competitive than ever before. And here it is…

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