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This is only a suggestive concept, but the Zune shown in the picture below certainly looks exciting:

cool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-idea-Zune 3

This design was gathered from ZuneScene, though a new Zune 3 could be being designed the moment we speak, it is in everyone’s interest whether or not the future Zune will be a combat against the iPhone by being integrated with a phone, the Zune Phone maybe?

Now, back to what we were talking about, the concept of Zune 3 above comes with a list of very ideal concept specsifications…

    The Zune 3 is also a phone with all the features of the Zune 80, with new features such as internet explorer, wifi marketplace, common phone apps, and more.
    The Zune 3 is fully touchscreen, however, the lower panel buttons are touch “sensitive” play/pause/call, zune, and back/hang up buttons that glow, they are permanent (similar to the chocolate’s buttons).
    The Zune 3 is available in 16GB, and 32GB flash memory sizes.
    Navigating the Zune 3 is similar to the 80’s squircle except on the touch screen.
    The screen itself is a high quality, scratch resistant, touch-sensitive glass that covers most of the front of the device.
    Around the perimeter of the glass is a glowing light that can be customized to the color of the user’s choice through the settings menu.
    The remainder of the device’s exterior is similar to the Zune 80’s finish, including the hold switch to de-activate touch.
    Video’s are now presented in high-quality widescreen format.
    The Zune 3 is not restricted to any particular network.
    The device has external speakers for speakerphone functionality and to share music with your friends!


The list just mentioned above seems very ideal, too ideal I would say, of course if this were to become reality in the next Zune, both the handheld and mobile market could well be looking at a big competitor. Let’s hope the Zune design team will consider the public’s wishlist!

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