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Yup! You got that right! Won’t your girlfriend be super surprised and madly impressed with you if you give her the option for a walk in heavy rain with stars all around. Well, stars won’t be actually all around you during that heavy rain but they surely will be their on your head. The newly launched twilight umbrella is one electronic umbrella that has enough stars on it that will continue to shine even when you are walking under heavy rains.


The electronic umbrellas carry with them tiny blue optic fibre lights that cover the umbrella from the outside and also from the inside. This lets you walk in your own glow of light while it is dark all around you and rain water is flowing around your feet. The umbrella is available in white as well as blue colors so that you can opt as per your choice and as per her choice. This innovative umbrella will surely help you stand out of the crowd and attract the necessary attention that helps you become a star (or a human under the star!)

You can switch on the handle to control colored lights and it will require 3 AAA batteries which isn’t huge investment for a overly romantic (and wet) evening. It surely will prove to be a lot better when compared with the regular black and ugly counterparts.

Lastly, this awesome and unique romantic evening will cost you just £24.99.

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