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Five past twelve, eh? Converting time into such weirdly sounding sentences has always troubled me. Why can’t they just put it in easy ways? 12:05! Or else why can’t we just say midnight? Who cares for the loss of those overly important five minutes? Well, please don’t get frustrated. It is just that I still haven’t understood why do we make things complex when they actually aren’t! Finally, looks like somebody has heard me. Verbarius (heard for the first time though) have come up with a fancy clock that uses simple words to tell you the time. No more fuss, hopefully!


Though the clock is kind of weird it still stands out to be cool and interesting. You feed the clock with language and it starts to speak that. You feed it with words and it is happy to use them. It is like a follower ready to make things easy for you the way you want them to be. I don’t understand why all clocks aren’t like this one. May be because it will require extreme hard work to feed your clock with custom words that suit your daily understanding. Just a thought!

We haven’t heard a lot about Verbarius yet from the public around but we are sure that it is going to be somewhat different experience for considering the fact that the company will charge you $220 if you plan to buy one. Better check it thoroughly before you buy the same else who knows you might never understand its features and later on start kicking us for recommending the same.

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