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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got old computers just lying around. You keep telling yourself that you’re going to repurpose them as some sort of media box, server or whatnot. But really they’re just cluttering up the back of your closet, or some corner of the garage. Today you’ll learn to put one of them to good use. You’ll fashion some of the parts into a laser capable of cutting through things. Why? Because that sort of thing is awesome.

You’ll just need a DVD burner (16x or higher) some heatsinks and the PSU from an old computer. There are a few other items you’ll need to get, but those are the main components. In a short while, you’ll be able to cut through small objects, and light others on fire. That’s right, you can burn those ants without needing to mess with a magnifying glass or depend on the sun. Just remember not to be an idiot.

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