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I’d say this new keyboard design is probably the wackiest one I’ve seen, as you will see in the video, Safetype is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis of the hand, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other joint problems relating to the hand. However, to be able to use this new ergonomic keyboard, you would need to be a pretty good typer because you won’t actually be able to see the keys as you type!

Here are some pictures taken from Safetype:




Whilst you may already be considering if this rather strange design is really necessary, I can tell you that the second issue you will need to think about is the price! These keyboards are literally classed as medical equipments in my view, they cost as much as $295 ($179 for a factory-fresh refurb), it seems really unnecessary. But if you are suffering from a repetitive motion injury, learning to type in this manner might be the answer (though I cannot say much from the studies and evidence that Safetype has provided on their site).

According to SafeType, The Science of Biomechanics shows that many computer keyboards are seriously flawed in actual use. Most keyboard designs are modifications of a flat keyboard. The designer of the patented SafeType keyboard asked instead, ?What is the most neutral location for human hands and then how do we place the keys to be available to the fingers while the user is in that position?”

Like myself, at this point you may still not be very convinced about this new design and concept, here is a video which may help you reinforce this:

Unfortunately, the video has been banned from YouTube, sorry guys!

After watching the video I had only one concern, when my hand is positioned the way it is like in the video, where do the rest of my arm rest? Like my elbow and the rest of my forearm, it seems abit uncomfortable to me…

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