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By Caitlyn Muncy

If you are a fan of ear buds, the Empire Inc. brand Wicked Audio “Little Buds” is something you might want to look into. These little guys pack quite a punch and cancel out a huge amount of outside noise when in use.

What does it come with?

These come with three different size ear bud covers, about four feet of cord, and a ninja-like adjuster which signifies which cord is attached to right and left ear buds hiding over top of a plastic piece a fourth of the way through the cord. The box is just all kinds of fancy, and there could most definitely be a paragraph devoted to it, but this review isn’t about the box now is it? So instead, you will receive a photo of the box and all of its box-glory.

These earphones are made of a glossy hard plastic that come in black, blue, silver, purple, and orange. It was simply by chance that I landed a black pair, and as that’s one of my favorite colors (or non-colors), I was quite pleased that with both audio quality and an aesthetic I liked. The only defining quality to tie these to their wicked name is a tiny logo at the end of each bud. It was slightly annoying that the ear buds themselves were not marked as to which ear they should belong, but they work well enough to where no one is going to care enough to make a big issue out of it.


The cord is made of a fiber like material that is preferable to the generic plastic cords you’ll find on most other headphones.  There is no volume adjustment on the cord itself, but that’s not really a problem in my opinion. These are so lightweight you will forget they’re still there, so the cord length was useful when reclining and not ripping the jack out of my computer.


The tips are excellent sound isolators, and try as hard as you may; these things are quite hard to shake…literally. Try shaking your head around when they’re in and not only will you know what I’m talking about, but will also get some awesome stares. J This is a huge plus as the most annoying thing ear buds can do while in use is fall out and make you fumble like an idiot to untangle them.

Sound quality is definitely up there. These could easily cost two or three times the amount and it would still be worth it to purchase them. The highs get a little fizzy, or you might lose them, and the mids are a tad bit muddy, but it’s not terrible. The bass is heaven. It wasn’t overpowering, and kept all of its flavor.

These cost an average of about 20-30 bucks, but you can find them for $15 online. So if you’re looking for some inexpensive headphones that pack a punch, look no further.

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