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As a child, one of the coolest things to do with a laser pointer (or simply just a cool torch) was to point at people with its laser beam then wait and laugh at them for making them look silly or embarrassed in front of others because of the way they react. When Wicked Lasers sent us their new Evolution Pro green laser pointer though we soon realised this wasn’t a typical laser pointer and was therefore not suitable for the above school boy joke! Wicked Lasers are specialists in making high quality laser pointers, based in China, they have been designing, improving and re-designing their laser pointers to achieve perfection for a number of years. While we’re not clever enough to understand how lasers work, from using the new Evolution Pro laser pointer, we were quite amazed and intrigued at how powerful and indeed ‘wicked’ it was able to perform.


The Evolution Pro green laser pointer is just one of many laser pointers which Wicked Lasers have available. Its probably fair to say that it belongs to the low to mid price range in comparison to the others that Wicked Lasers have on their site. As mentioned, the one we tested was a green laser pointer but also available from other models include blue, red and purple. We were grateful to Wicked Lasers to have sent us not only just the Evolution Pro laser pointer but also the safety goggles. If you haven’t yet seen our unboxing gallery, check it out and see everything that we received…


Before we go on with our review, here’s the official Wicked Lasers product description of the Evolution Pro laser pointer…

The all-new Evolution Pro features a new microprocessor and dual LEDs, and a long clip for secure pocket carry. We took the rock-solid original Evolution Series and replaced its AAA battery system with a larger capacity AA battery system. The result is a longer-running, even more efficient version of this popular laser pointer.

The Evolution Pro cranks out up to 130mW and continues to generate coherent light for up to three hours on a single set of batteries. Evolution is inevitable.


As soon as you pick up the Evolution Pro, you’ll find that the laser pointer feels extremely sturdy. Many gadgets we often review look sturdy but do not always feel and handle the same. It is very well made, in fact, its exterior is made of aircraft grade aluminum. While we’re not sure what laser enthusiasts usually get up to with their laser pointers, the Evolution Pro has a tactical clip which can only be a good thing in terms of convenience. The body of the laser pointer is abit longer than you would expect, however, considering that it needs to house two AA batteries, we weren’t annoyed about this in anyway.


What you can do with it…

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Let’s face it, most gadgets in this world are tools that we don’t necessarily need and are mostly just luxuries to entertain us or make our lives function better. Laser pointers I believe fit the former. So here are a few things we tried out when we tested the Evolution Pro laser pointer, we only recommend readers to do what we did with caution and in a safe environment:

Melt bin bags: Yes you can do this quite easily, we did this several time. There is no doubt that this laser pointer (and we bet all the rest on sale at Wicked Lasers) is most then capable of melting thin plastic material just like bin bags. It was quite amazing to watch, as abit of smoke would soon start to appear as the bag gets melted! Wearing goggles is advised!
Pop through balloons: This is a relatively easy task for the Evolution Pro and again we do not doubt the rest of the laser pointers’ abilty in doing this. Its literally more of a melt rather than a pop!
Point the pointer as far as…: We weren’t quite sure how this could be measured, we waited til it was dark and pointed the laser pointer into the sky, of course there was no end, but it was pretty enjoyable to seen a nice long (very long!) green beam. What we did try though, was point at buildings from quite far away from an open field and it worked straight away. We reckon, if you can see the object from a distance then you’d be able to point a laser at it, this is how reliable it was and it has yet to disappoint us.
Snap strings: Considering that it could melt plastic bin bags, this wasn’t such a difficult task!

What you probably should do with a Wicked Lasers laser pointer…

Having take our Evolution Pro laser pointer out during the night for some fun. We have come to the conclusion that the following suggestions are advisable to those who are considering buying one of these, do not (unless you want to injure yourself or someone else or get arrested!):

Point at cars or planes
Point at animals
Use this at your work’s weekly meeting / presentation as a normal laser pointer – this is an entirely different pointer!
Lastly, try not to get too fascinated and point the laser at yourself in the eye, hands, face!


With the Evolution Pro laser pointer starting at $118 for the 20mW version, most will agree that owning one of these isn’t cheap. If you’re the type of person who is into the amount of function a gadget can deliver, you probably won’t even be considering a laser pointer. Undeniably, it is pointless to buy one of these. However if you have a good enough reason, (ie you’re a laser pointer enthusiast or if you’re considering buying one of these for your geeky partner) choosing to buy one from Wicked Lasers will not disappoint you. So far we’ve been pleased from the very beginning, from delivery, packaging, all through to the quality of their product as well as their friendly customer service.


Cool design
Uses top quality materal
Delivers what it says on the tin, points as far as you can see!
Good battery life, promising to provide a good few hours of fun on just two AAs


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