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top-best-new-latest-cool-fun-coolest-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-PLUMEN 001 (Images courtesy PLUMEN UK)

With the exception of neon, which can really class up a joint, I’ve never really looked at light bulbs as a ‘designer’ item. And thanks to PLUMEN UK, my opinion really hasn’t changed. I mean I applaud their attempts to make the compact fluorescent bulb look cool, and from certain angles their PLUMEN 001 bulb most certainly does, but looking around my crib I can’t actually see any of the CFLs I have installed. They’re all hidden by shades or other decorative diffusers. So the best way to truly enjoy it or show it off would be to just hang it from a bare extension cord, and I’m just not trendy enough to pull that off.

The 11 watt bulb produces 680 lumens of 2700k warm-white light, but it won’t work in North American, Japan or a hefty list of other countries. But if you live in Europe you’re in luck, kind of, since they’ll set you back £20.00 or just over $30 a bulb.

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