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It’s too early at this point to tell you about the new Amazon Kindle 2 press conference, but it is to be held later today (10am Eastern time). The Kindle 1.0 has been around for some time it is definitely due for an update. If you don’t know much about Amazon’s Kindle device, one line can basically sum up the purpose of this device. It’s a lightweight, wireless device built for reading books, newspapers electronically on a purposefully built black and white screen. It’s got an ergonomic design, and allows users to search and shop wirelessly through the Kindle store, with built in dictionary and bookmarks system and did I mention access to Wikipedia too? Ok, so may that was more than one line, but the significance of this upcoming Kindle 2 update cannot be understated. We’re always on about saving paper, recycling, reusing for the good of the environment while the Kindle is not a definitive solution, the Kindle is probably one of the major gadgets which will be involved with increasing demand over many future years to come, due to the rising popularity of electronic paper and resources.


So enough about the old Kindle, we know at this point before the conference that some details of Kindle 2 have already been rumored while some leaked and they are:

Updated and improved interface
Better keyboard, thinner and longer design
Touchscreen is what many are hoping to find, will it have one?
There may be other models (variations of this new model to come) specifically for students

What we do know also right now is pricing has been leaked, $359 and shipping to start from February 24. The photos below via Gizmodo has been claimed to be official.

[nggallery id=61]

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