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Well if you haven’t before, you will now! Check out the pictures below:

This car may appear to be like any old car, but wait, something’s different about its doors!

Now the doors open up:

and disappear!

Read on after the break…

Jatech designed this new and revolutionary concept which will indeed grab anyone’s attention if you turned up with one of these. I think the thought of it is great and should be considered by the car industry, it saves room, gives more convenience and safety to people and cars around.

However, the doors are not controlled mechanically as you would imagine and by that I mean you must have power and electricity to run it. This personally gives me the concern for safety and management in case you were stuck inside the car during a car accident either because your power’s been cut off or the doors were deformed in a collision and can’t slide away, in that situation I think I would most definitely prefer the regular car doors!

Otherwise, I think bikers would certainly be really happy if every car had this design!

Here’s what they say at Disappearing Car Door:

The original inventors and designers of the exciting Disappearing Car Door technology are now in a position to equip your favorite automobile with our cool, sexy, safe and convenient automatic door or design an original vehicle body incorporating this unique technology.
Our vehicle architecture offers an attractive rethink for car design and adds greatly to overall vehicle safety including our structural integration of the door with the unibody and our cruciform door frame technology.
We work with the finest and most experienced coach builders in the US and Europe, ensuring that your vehicle will be manufactured to the highest quality, reliability and safety standards, including a manual override for door operation.
One thing is for sure, you will definitely grab everyone’s attention when you drive a car with Disappearing Doors! No matter where you are, whether you are visiting your club, grocery store, gas station, or restaurant, your drivable work of art will be appreciated and admired. When you pull up next to other high end cars, yours will render them boring by comparison!


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