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Hanging out in the sun has many solar benefits; and here is one concept design that harnesses that solar energy and then juices up your gadgets. This Sunbox plays on this theory that on your way out to work, you hang out the device on your clothsline and when you get back in the evening, it’s all charged up. Latch it on to your TV, music system, hair-dryer for instant power.


Designer Jinsic Kim says “people usually hangout wet cloths on the clothsline to dry up with natural sunlight and wind. I got this idea from this concept and decided why can’t we hang out attachable batteries to the clothsline and let them charge by sunlight”. The device is still in a prototype phase and not available for public. Neverthless to say, if this model of preserving green energy works on commercial basis, it would bring revolution in enery scarce era.

Sunbox is made up of three simple components. A male-female electric connector, an insulator hook to hang it up and two square pieces of solar mirror that conserves energy.



This little gem is around 5×5 cm (2×2 inches) or around 1/400th of a square-meter. The sunlight falling on a square-meter is around 400W, so this thing will be hit by 1W. Current solar-cells are at most 20% efficient, and no battery in existence has a cycle that wastes less than around 30% of the energy as heat, thus in an hour in sunglight, this thing could conceivably succeed in capturing around 0.17wh worth of electric energy.

Designer Jinsic Kim is optimistic about making the SunBox rollout model more efficent to store enough of energy that can power almost all kind of electric devices. However,  Whatever people may say, this device, if brought in reality as the designer says, would certainly bring the green revolution to energy sector.

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