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Got something important in your wallet? Of course you do, everyone does, but do you have something so important that it needs to be locked up in a fingerprint scanner secured bluetooth wallet? This is exactly what the iWallet is. It may not be Apple related but the iWallet is a personal hard case cash and credit card wallet that is tamper resistant, made of carbon fiber. You can only open it if it recognises your fingerprint with its incorporated biometric reader.

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The iWallet’s bluetooth connectivity is used to link to your mobile phone. If both the iWallet and phone are more than 15-30 ft away from each other, a loud alarm will go off. This is to alert you in case you forget either device for instance at a restaurant or if they pick pocket one of them.

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A downside though, if you left both out on a restauran table, there will be no chance of this happening. Nevertheless, this new innovative product is very cool and offers a new way of securing your valubles. Its pricetag ranges from $299 to $600 and depends on which material you’d like your iWallet to be made of. Check it out here…

San Diego, California, U.S.A.-December 8,2009- Developed by engineers which work on projects for NASA, the iWallet™ was created to help protect against someone from easily gaining access to your wallets contents:for example parents who have children who like to steal money from their wallet, or employees at a health club who have access to lockers. The iWallet™ can also alert you in the event you forget your wallet, and walk away.

Using Biometric, and Bluetooth Technology, the iWallet™ was developed to recognize the biometric fingerprint scan programmed by the owners choice. Unauthorized access is simply locked out. Combined with available Carbon Fiber and Carbon Fiber with Kevlar hard case construction, (now also available in fiberglass models) the iWallet™ acts as a portable safe protecting ones valuables; cash, credit cards, drivers license, social security cards, etc.

In addition, the iWallet™ can also be paired with mobile phones, and Blackberry’s using Bluetooth technology, should your iWallet™, and phone be separated by 15-30 feet from each other, producing an audible alarm, and acting as a theft deterrent for both your phone, and iWallet™.

Available models include : 100%Carbon Fiber, Two models, Carbon Fiber with Kevlar in a rich, classy black with blue or silvery finish, durable for everyday use, and can be maintained with a soft cleanser, or polished with a cloth like towel. Fiberglass models come in a variety of eight colors, and can be paired with Italian leather interior sleeves.

Pricing and Availability- All Carbon Fiber models come with its own decorative box, and included with a cable for PC charging , and users manual. Suggested retail price $599.95 Fiberglass models come with its own decorative box, cable for PC, manual. MSRP $299.00. All models can be ordered through the iWallet™ website, or by calling the iWallet Corp.

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