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The iPad has redefined tablet computing and has forced so many gadget makers to launch their own tablets (but to no avail) or else come up with apps that somehow start working with the iPad to cash on the growing market. One major reason that might prevent a genre of people from buying iPad is its virtual keyboard feature. Who do you think will carry a laptop for fast typing and iPad for sexy reading? Now, soon you will have an iPad case available in the store next to you that will have a bluetooth keyboard attached with it.


Though the addition of a keyboard might add extra weight to your iPad, the added advantage of comfort and speed will surely be enough to overlook the extra weight.

The new design has passed the FCC and is expected to be available in stores pretty soon. The setup is very simple hence it was passed easily by the FCC. A case that can carry your iPad and will have enough space for a keyboard which has been cutout perfectly so that you can carry the two without any issues.

No cable will be required to connect the two as bluetooth is used. The battery that comes with the keyboard will be good enough to 90 long hours and will have standby time of over 100 days. Pretty good for the lazy bums I’d say.

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