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The holidays are a special time of year, but for some people it doesn’t necessarily hold the same religious meaning. This is certainly not the place to preach about what to believe about this or that, but instead, I thought I’d share something for you science lovers out there. Here we have the Heroes Of Science: Non-Denominational Festive Ornaments. Yes, that is quite a mouthful.

So what exactly are these ornaments, you say? Why they are laser-engraved wooden ornaments. And if using lasers to create them wasn’t geeky enough for you, they depict one of twenty different important science figures. Each one measures roughly 3 3/4 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide and comes with 16 inches of satin ribbon in your choice of three colors. Hit the jump for a list of scientists you can choose from.

Alfred Russel Wallace (evolution)
Stephen Hawking (theoretical physics/cosmology)
Rosalind Franklin (genetics)
Johannes Kepler (mathematics/astronomy)
Marie Curie (radiation/chemistry)
Nicolaus Copernicus (astronomy)
Jane Goodall (primatology)
William Harvey (medicine/anatomy)
Carl Sagan (astronomy/cosmology)
Rachel Carson (ecology)
Carl Linnaeus (botany)
Tycho Brahe (astronomy)
Isaac Newton (physics/mathematics/astronomy)
Gregor Mendel (genetics/heredity)
Galileo Galelei (physics/mathematics/astronomy)
Albert Einstein (physics)
Charles Darwin (evolution)
George Washington Carver (botany/horticulture)
Elizabeth Blackwell (first U.S. female physician)
Dmitri Mendeleev (creator of the first modern periodic table)

You can purchase these as 6 in a pack for $30.

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