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Although this year has started with some remarkable portable eBook readers, portable media players haven’t yet lost their charm. Cowon brings its powerful portable media player which has been christened as Cowon V5. It incorporates a gorgeous 4.8 inch resistive touchscreen with a picture resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

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This powerful PMP comes with three different versions of 8/16/32GB of internal storage, and it also features a SDHC slot for further storage memory expansion. This Cowon media player runs on Windows CE 6.0 which offers it good stability.

Cowon V5 measures 5.04 x 3.23 x 0.62 inches and is incredibly beautiful. Its sleek, lightweight and simple design is one of the highlights of this portable media player. It is undoubtedly a master piece, when it comes to design and look. It weighs just about 6.95 ounces.

In addition to its 4.8 inch touchscreen delight, it also offers you with an integrated speaker, HDMI and USB 2.0 slots. It offers you with long battery life. With 45 hours of music playback and or 10 hours of video playback, Cowon V5 marks as a powerful and robust portable media player, which is here to stay.

Cowon have put a lot of efforts on its graphical user interface. Its touchscreen technology, stylus, eye catchy design, long battery life and smooth audio and video playback make Cowon V5 an impressive PMP. Its 16GB version has got a price tag of $299 and 32GB comes for an extra $60. Check out the full review by Engadget at the link below.

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