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By Luke Anderson

One thing that’s always troubled me about taking a bath is that any way you slice it, you’re actually just sitting in your own filth. You can make yourself feel better about it by adding in some bubbles, but you’re really just covering up the discolored water. The obvious solution is to take a shower before getting in the tub. Of course that’s redundant and just plain silly, so someone has created a better solution.

This funny-looking yellow ball is called the Float Clear Bath Ball. It uses magical powers to attract dirt, oil and residue which it absorbs. I’m honestly not sure just how effective it is, but at least it’s easy to clean. Just toss it in the washing machine, or rinse it out before your next bath. $45 seems a bit pricey, if it actually works well, then it might be worth it. However, there’s no telling how effective it will be.

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