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When it comes to cosplaying, some people like to go all-out. Whether it be crafting a life-size Buster sword or a Transformers costume that can actually transform, countless hours will be poured into these props. If that’s the sort of thing you enjoy, then you might want to check out this awesome repulsor beam blaster, inspired by Iron Man.

The arm-mounted contraption is constructed from a xenon bulb coupled with the flash capacitor and charge circuit from a disposable camera. Of course some other necessary parts are there to get them all to work together nicely. The ring itself has a constant glow from a set of LED bulbs, but the real power comes from the xenon one. A press of a button starts it charging, then you need only touch one of your fingers to a trigger on the ring. It may not physically harm your foe, but it will very likely blind them.

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