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phonekerchief blocks cell phone signals, makes you look pompous

Don’t you hate those times when you’re having a pleasant conversation with someone, only to have it interrupted by their phone?

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There’s a good chance that the other person would be just as annoyed if it were your phone going off. Naturally, if you find the other person’s company important enough, you’ll actually turn your phone off, or at least put it on silent. Want to make sure that they know the lengths you’ve gone to ensure that you don’t interrupt the conversation with a noisy phone? Get a Phonekerchief.

What exactly is a Phonekerchief you ask? It’s a handkerchief that blocks cell phone signals. You just wrap your phone in one, and the signal is blocked. The best part? It’s embroidered to say “My phone is off for you.” Honestly, if I saw someone wearing one of these, I’d probably steer clear of them. Why? Because there’s just something about a person who feels the need to wear a sign that essentially says “I’m being polite,” instead of just turning their phone off, that bothers me. If you simply must have it, then be prepared to part with $15 for one when they go on sale November 25.

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