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last minute apple tablet release predictions

So with Apple’s impending release announcement of the iPad/iSlate/iTablet – whatever it’s called, I thought I’d take a gamble on what I think are the highest likelihood features, specs and pricing we’ll see from Apple later today.

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While much of what I’ll lay out here is speculation on my part, it’s all grounded in various reports, leaks and industry insiders that I’ve been gathering over the last few weeks and months. So without further ado, here goes nothing.

I predict that the almighty Apple Tablet will….

    include a 10.1-inch rectangular LED-backlit LCD display (2nd runner up: a Pixel Qi display)
    look a whole lot like the picture above – clean lines, extremely thin (8 to 9 mm), but with the addition of a single home button like the iPhone
    be the same proportions as a sheet of paper for ease of magazine or book reading, so 16×9 movies will have black bars at top and bottom
    offer both multitouch capabilities as well as a new gesture-based interface that lets you interact with the display without even touching it
    have mulitouch sensors on the back of the display, similar to the tech in the Mighty Mouse
    run on an ARM Cortex CPU, with a nVidia Tegra graphics chip
    run on a new version of the iPhone OS, renamed iOS – capable of running all iPod Touch apps, but it won’t make phone calls
    have all of the same motion sensor and accelerometer tech the iPhone has
    be capable of playing near HD quality video (probably 720p resolution)
    have a full desktop-quality version of the iTunes store built-in
    have a front-facing camera for video chat
    will include 802.11N wireless networking, but optional 3G connectivity for major cell carriers
    offer no user-expandable memory or battery
    include Microsoft Bing as its default search engine
    base model will sell for $499 (USD) with a 2-year Verizon or AT&T contract for data access, $799 without subsidy
    come in both a 32GB version ($499/$799 USD) or a 64GB version ($699/$999 USD) – both will use SSD memory
    will release in late March 2010 (my guess: March 24th)
    be called the iPad
    long-shot: offer tactile feedback with its on-screen virtual keyboard
    long-shot: include a wireless base station for loading personal media from cameras
    long-shot: include wireless HDMI for streaming HD video directly to your television

All will be revealed this afternoon, so check back later and we’ll see how close my predictions turn out.

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