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lacie starck external hard drives: products of a love affair. no seriously.

Computer hardware specialist LaCie celebrates its 20th anniversary with the introduction of their latest line of external hard drives designed by the world-famous Philippe Starck. Starck describes his design for the hard drives as powerful magma that’s been captured and protected. The magma, of course, is your data, hot and NSFW. No wait: hot and bursting with potential, something that you have to control and preserve.

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LaCie is known for making aesthetically pleasing – or at least interesting – gadgets that are equally functional, and Starck’s new babies seem to be no exception. Both the desktop and mobile versions of the external hard drive have aluminum casings that help dissipate heat while providing ample protection. The desktop versions have 3 mm casings, a “Starck signature” LED, and a touch-sensitive front panel that can be customized so that it “opens the application of your choosing, depending on whether you use a short tap or a long touch.”

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Unfortunately we don’t have a video of the touch panel being used so I don’t have an idea where exactly the touch panel is, if the whole thing is the button or what. It could also be that I’m an idiot, but please, just play along and act like you’re as dumbfounded as I am. The 1 TB desktop hard drives sell for $130 (USD), while a 2 TB drive can be yours for $250.

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The 320 GB mobile version on the other hand sells for $100, while the 500 GB version sells for $140. The mobile hard drives have 2 mm aluminum casings, but no fancy signature LEDs or touch panels. What they have is an embedded USB cable that tucks neatly inside it’s butt derriere. So yeah, still functional and beautiful. They’re a bit pricey though. Oh yeah, about the love affair, here,”>watch monsieur Starck admit it on camera.

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